How to Make the Speckled Easter Pinata Cake – Step by Step

April 13, 2019Sew White

How to Make The Speckled Easter Pinata Cake with step by step instructions and photos. Enjoy this beautiful cake this Easter.

I’ve been asked a lot since revealing my Easter bake to give a more detailed account of how I made it so here is everything I did to create this beautiful cake. For the lemon cake recipe and other ingredients you will need, click here to be taken to the main Speckled Easter Pinata Cake post.

The Speckled Easter Pinata Cake with chocolate nests and sprinkles

How to Make The Speckled Easter Pinata Cake with step by step instructions and photos. Enjoy my beautiful cake this Easter.

It was so exciting to cut into the cake and I’m so glad I caught the moment.

The first slice being taken out of the Speckled Easter Pinata Cake with coloured eggs tumbling out

Pulling the slice aside to reveal tumbling chocolates made the kids and big kids around the table very exciting. I added a few sprinkle strands too which I really liked as they tumbled out with the eggs. A great way to fill out the little extra space inside the pinata cake.

How to Make the Speckled Easter Pinata Cake

When it came to the constructing the cake I found it far easier than you think it would be. Take the two cakes and divide into two equal pieces so you have 4 pieces. Save the best and level piece for the top. On the remaining three pieces cut a hole in the middle.

Once they are ready place the first piece of cake on the plate. I covered them with a layer of lemon lurd and a layer of butter cream. Repeat with the next two levels.

When the three pieces are constructed, I spread the butter cream inside of the cake to make the pinata area a smooth tube.

How to Make the Speckled Easter Pinata Cake with mini eggs and sprinkles

When the butter cream is done I filled the hole with a mix of mini eggs and other Easter chocolate eggs. I also added sprinkles so they would fall down.

I added the final piece (the one without a hole) and gave the cake it’s crumb coat.

Creating the duck egg effect

For the decoration I whipped up a batch of butter cream and add a little blue colour paste at a time to get this beautiful duck egg blue.  I then pipped it over and around the cake using a large nozzle in a pipping bag. I then used a cake smoother and got a beautiful level icing around the edge and on top.

To make the spatter effect for the cake I mixed cocoa powder and water to make a paste.

how to make a chocolate speckled cake

I placed the cake in a wipe clean area (I stuck up greaseproof paper to protect the kitchen). I then used a pastry brush and tapped it on my finger of my left hand whilst holding it in my right to get the splatted. It looks so beautiful and is so easy so that was great.

Making the Easter egg nests

glistening chocolate melted down and stirred into chocoaltes

I melted the chocolate in short sharp bursts in the microwave stirring in between each time. When it was melted I add the cornflakes and stirred gently so I didn’t break them.

chocolate easter nests deocrated with sprinkles and mini eggs

On greaseproof paper add a tablespoon of chocolate cornflakes. Top with a mini egg and add a few sprinkles. Allow to harden somewhere cool, in the fridge if you have space.

Once I popped the set Easter egg nests on top I was in love. The cake is so beautiful and I was so proud of what I made.

Getting to slice the cake open was very exciting and my family loved it. Seeing the eggs fall out and surprise my guests was great. I loved seeing the beautiful layers and the work which had gone into it looking good on the dining table.

A beautiful slice of the speckled easter pinata cake removed so you can see the eggs insides

They were pretty big slices as I made the nests fairly large but I had a few extra nests ready so everyone got a good slice and a nest on their plate.

How to Make the Speckled Easter Pinata Cake with step by step instructions on creating the sprinkle covered easter nests

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