Jam Making Beginner

February 14, 2013Sew White

On the weekend I tried my hand at making jam making after thinking about it for a few weeks. I bought the proper jam pan and a few jars. My local supermarket had blueberries on offer so it was decided for me that blueberry jam would be the first one I made. 

I found a recipe on Nigella’s website to use

As I had a few more gram wise than the recipe stated and I had some cherries which also needed to be used up so it became blueberry and cherry jam. I worked out that I had 2.56 times the recipe amount of fruit so I multiplied all the amounts so it became
960g blueberries/cherries,
512g jam sugar,
128ml of water

 The blueberries and cherries looked so gorgeous before they went in to the pan.

Sew White Jam Making 1

In the pan they mushed down to a gloriously rich purple. I would really recommend to wear oven gloves the whole time as everything is very hot. Although it is a fairly quick thing to make at these quantities you can’t leave it for a second.

Sew White Jam Making 2

Jam thermometer was very useful in showing the temperature it had to get to. When it got to this temperature the jam spat a bit and it was boiling and would have hurt a lot if had come in contact with skin. Be careful.

Sew White Jam Making 4

When it was ready we scooped it out and put it the sterilised jars. We then ripped up a new crusty loaf and cleaned out the bottom of the pan. The jam was warm and it was so nice.

Sew White Jam Making 5

Nearly 1kg of fruit and it only filled 2 jars.
I would have liked to make more but at least I have some experience now. Plus I roughly know how much 1kg of fruit will make which is good to know for future making.

Sew White Jam Making 6

I really loved making jam and I’m already thinking ahead on what I’m going to be making next. We have already nearly finished off the first jar in 5 days. It tastes so good on toast.

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