Pancakes with Tesco fruit sauces – review

March 6, 2014Sew White


I love pancakes and this year I was happy to find sauces in Tesco that I knew would be lovely on pancakes.

Tesco had some beautiful fruity sauces and I thought I would see how they worked.

The first one I tried was the raspberry sauce  – it was lovely. It was like mushy raspberries. It tasted fresh and although it wasn’t it didn’t taste messed with. Yum!

I half expected the sauce to be very runny and it was surprisingly thick.

Sew White pancake day tesco raspberry sauce review 1Sew White pancake day tesco raspberry sauce top review

On the pancakes it looked lovely and it added an amazing flavour to the pancakes. I was told that it looked a bit like blood but such silliness means no sauce for you!

I didn’t need much either as it went further than I thought it would. I covered a whole pancake with only 1 tablespoon of it. Very good indeed. This would work as a lovely layer in a Victoria Sponge.

Sew White pancake day tesco raspberry sauce review 2

The other sauces I tried from the new Tesco range were the Forest Fruit Coulis and Passion Fruit Coulis. These were both amazing. The passion fruit one was my favourite as it was a brilliant intense passion fruit taste. I would recommend sieving the passion fruit sauce. The sauce was cooked and reduced and the pips were a little brittle. They were alright but it was far more enjoyable with the pips out.

Sew White pancake day tesco passion fruit sauce forest fruits sauce review


These sauces would also work incredibly well as icing/decoration on cakes. They were thick and very tasty. I plan to use the passion fruit one on a vanilla sponge. I think it would taste amazing!

The bottles were £1.50 each on offer from just below £2. A very yummy product and one I would certainly recommend. The amount you get is certainly a good amount for a large bottle and at a good price.

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