Roast Sausages and Veg – Easy Dinner

January 28, 2014Sew White

The Roast Sausages and Vegetable bake is one of my favourite dinners as it tastes good and is so easy! Plus only 1 pan to wash up.

Sew White Roast Sausages and Veg 1

This dinner can easily be increased for when friends and family show up but also work well for small portions. This really is a no fuss dinner.

For large sausages I use 2 per person for smaller sausages and chipolatas I used 3 or 4 per person.

Serves 4
– 8 sausages of your choice
– 2 medium sweet potatoes
– 1 butternut squash
– 3 red onions
– 500ml of apple juice (to make a gravy/juice) (I’ve also used orange juice before and it tasted great)
– 3 celery sticks
– sprinkling of oregano
– sprinkle of thyme
– salt and pepper– glug of olive oil enough to lightly cover most of the veg and sausages

– Chop up all the veg into good size chunks. Don’t make them too large otherwise they take a lot longer to cook. Add the veg and sausages to the pan with the oil and apple juice and move it all around to coat it. Add the herbs, salt and peper to taste and mix it in.  I like a lot of oregano and thyme in mine mostly as I love the smell but it gives a great taste too.
– I cook the roast sausages and vegetable bake on a low heat roughly 150 degrees for about an hour until the sausages are cooked. As it bakes take the tray out and give it a stir and move the sausages around to cook evenly.

If the dinner is drying out a bit you can add more juice.

The thing about this dinner, which is why I love it, is that if you have any other veg which need using up add it to the tin and enjoy. Little tomatoes, olives, aubergine, green beans (add near the end of the cooking time), beetroot are other veg I’ve put in.

Serve with a salad or by itself works perfectly!

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