A Glorious Adventure with Soup

November 17, 2015Sew White

On a dark, rainy and cold day in South West London I ventured to Italy from my desk at work with the Glorious Tuscan chicken and orzo soup. It was so warm and felt healthy too. I loved that the soup transported me away and for a split second I was on holiday in the Tuscan sun. The mix of rich tomatoes, fresh vegetables and large chunks of chicken with the orzo is a treat. It’s a lovely mix and reminded me a lot of holidays and the joy of  a summer harvest of homegrown vegetables.

Glorious Tuscan chicken and orzo soup 1

I really like the idea of a meal soup. The mix of vegetables, chicken and orzo makes it more than a soup and really creates a rewarding and filling meal. It’s almost on like a stew than a soup its so thick.

The range of soup Glorious has is huge! The worldwide and adventurous rage available helps transport you to distant lands for the space of one meal. The size of the soups is huge too so it lasts me two work lunches.

Glorious soup butternut Glorious soup tuscan
Next up on my flavour adventure is the New England Butternut Squash

Next to try for lunch are the Singapore Crushed Tomato Soup, Mumbai Lentil and Chickpea Soups. It is a great way to taste the exotic flavours of far off lands and a get a great example of what you can expect from different locations.

It was so fresh and tasted brilliant. The vegetables were obviously vegetables and chicken pieces were big. It is clear they definitely love their vegetables and want to I love a chunky vegetable soup!

This food adventure really was glorious! I can’t wait to tastily travel to an exotic land again soon.

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Let’s all go on #GloriousAdventures

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