A Sunday in the sunshine with a glass of Pimm’s

July 5, 2015Sew White

It’s a glorious sunshine filled Sunday in July and what is better than a glass of Pimm’s.

Sew White Judge double walled glasses pimms review 1

I was given these beautiful double walled glasses to review from Judge. The double wall helps keeps the drinks cool and makes the glasses look stunning. Everyone who has seen them as picked them up and given them a look. “The glasses have a thermally insulated ‘air pocket’ design to create the ultimate drinking experience. Hot drinks remain hotter for longer, while the outside of the glass remains cool to the touch. Cold drinks can be as icy as ever you wish, and yet the outer glass will stay condensation-free.” I was told by a few people that they look like laboratory test tubes and should be used for experiments. They are unusual but I think the illusion of the drinking hanging in the middle of the glass looks amazing. It’s nice having a very visually pleasing drink like Pimms with all the fruit in them as you are drawn to look at them more than regular glasses.

Sew White Judge double walled glasses pimms review 2
I love them so much. It’s nice to enjoy a delicious drink and enjoy the glass too.

Sew White Judge double walled glasses pimms review 3

In the Pimm’s I had strawberries, mint, orange and nectarines. The nectarines I had needed using and they really added something to the drink – The Pimm’s infused nectarines were delicious. I’m going to have to try these combined in some other way soon!

Sew White Judge double walled glasses pimms review 4

 There are eight different varieties available and they can all be used for hot and cold drinks. I really like the look of the coffee cups. Their shapes are so cute. I would really recommend these glasses. Judge-Double-Wall-Glassware-Group-1

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