Brand New Apron!

July 5, 2013Sew White

I was so excited to receive the gorgeous blue polka dot from the Happy Apron Company.
It’s a very girly apron indeed! The frill is very cute and the pocket is very useful!
I’d love to find matching oven gloves one day. I love blue, it’s my favourite colour so it was an easy choice to pick.

Sew White Apron


My normal most used apron is a vintage style one which wraps around and is great for covering so much of clothes since I am so messy. I really like this happy apron co. apron as it’s adjustable so you can set it to be up high under your chin or lower down (depending on the mess levels involved).

The phrases on the aprons are nice. I chose Master Chef as I hope to be one, one day!

Sew White apron 2

I really love this apron but I had to replace the ribbon which makes it adjustable around the neck and what you tie it with as it was a bit scratchy. I’m just picky!

Sew White apron 3

I replaced it with the Made in Britain ribbon from the Sew White website. 

It is a very nice apron and easy to wash in the washing machine – a great function for the messy amongst us.

 Follow them on twitter to be taken to their website @TheHappyApronCo

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