Brunch at the Old Frizzle

August 10, 2013Sew White

There is a lovely bar in Wimbledon called the Old Frizzle and it is the go to place for a drink for me, my family and my friends.

I’d never eaten there before but when my mum offered to take me for brunch I couldn’t say no! I love brunch.

The brunch menu was great. A lot of different things all roughly £7-10 a dish. A special treat breakfast my mum called it.

This is what my mum had – Oven baked egg with spinach with sourdough toast. The sourdough toast was amazing. So tasty. I could have eaten a few more slices easily! My mum liked it but it needed a bit of tomato ketchup to liven it up.

Sew White The Old Frizzle brunch 1

I had the full English breakfast. A proper classic brunch to have. I really liked how it was presented. Huge plate with a huge slice of sourdough toast and everything beautifully placed on top. It tasted great – the bacon was more like a small thin steak which was very yummy. It was a great big portion and it was so tasty I wanted more but I couldn’t have eaten another bite.

Sew White The Old Frizzle brunch 2


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