Chimichanga Wimbledon

August 14, 2013Sew White

I love mexican food and I was so happy when I saw Chimichanga was opening near me in Wimbledon.

The food was a good portion for me, although the men I went with all complained it wasn’t enough for them.

The taste was good but their spicy wasn’t spicy much at all, unlike other restaurants where spicy is spicy. The only criticism I have is their dishes are surprisingly expensive (£11 for burritos! Mine, below, was the plain wrap and it was £10). Especially in comparison to other mexican restaurants like Tortilla and Chipotle where you get great tasting food and at a much more friendly price (approx. £6 a meal). (For all places add drinks.)

Sew White Chimichanga 1


The food was alright but I think Chipotle is where I’ll go for mexican from now on.

Sew White Chimichanga 2

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