Chocolate Week – Ben and Jerry’s Nutella Inspired Ice Cream

October 13, 2014Sew White

It’s chocolate week and this is a happy time if you are like me and love your chocolate!

I’ve been trying lots of new chocolate themed goodies for chocolate week and I will be sharing these over the next few days.

First up the brand new Ben and Jerry’s Nutella inspired ice cream.

Yes you read right – nutella inspired! It really does taste like nutella. It’s like a smooth chocolate ice cream with a ripple of nutella throughout.

Ben and Jerry's all or nut-tingIf you like nutella, hazelnuts, chocolate and ice cream you absolutely have to try this. It is so delicious and I’m convinced that the nuts in it make it healthy. Dream on!

The ice cream is so smooth and the chunks are a good size and have a good gooey and chewy bite to them. It is a satisfying ice cream to eat and is now a favourite of mine.

Happy chocolate week x

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