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September 25, 2014Sew White

Degustabox August Sew White review 1

In August I signed up for Degustabox. A box filled with lots of yummy things to try delivered straight to the door once a month. Since I like food and like trying new things I thought I would give it a go and see what I go. My first box cost £6 as I found a code for a special offer on the first box (I followed degustabox on facebook and a code popped up). It is usually £12.99 and I think for what I got £12.99 would have been good value. It is a subscription so you will keep receiving boxes each month until you unsubscribe. The website didn’t make it as obvious as it should but if you read the small print it’s there.

I love receiving things in the post and this box was a treat.

First up was the bag of Mexican Dave’s tortilla chips and 2 flavour shots from Schwartz one which was for fajitas so meal one was set.

The tortilla chips we agreed as a family were the best we’ve ever had! They were so light, fresh and incredibly moreish. the fajita flavour shot was very tasty, rich with a good amount of spice to satisfy as all but it was very oily. It was very close to being a bit too oily to enjoy but with the added fajita fillings it was saved.

It’s nice to get things you wouldn’t have picked up and try them. I wouldn’t have picked up Mexican Dave’s tortilla chips but I am so glad I got to try them. I am now on the look out to buy more.

Degustabox August Sew White review 2

In the box was something rather special which I have been wanting to try – edible cupcake cases! I haven’t had a chance to mix up any cupcakes yet but when I do I’m using these.

Degustabox August Sew White review 3

For the yummy sweet tooth a lovely little tin of chocolates from Lindt. These were gone in minutes.

Degustabox August Sew White review 4

For a special drink a yummy Caribbean Twist strawberry daiquiri. It is so sweet and very nice. Add some fresh lime juice and it is very good for a girls night in.

Degustabox August Sew White review 5

I love the drinks in the box the Berry White (love the pun) was delicious. Iced tea drinks are very popular at the moment and this was a lovely one to try especially as it’s organic and has no added sugar. The pear juice that was also in the box was really lovely and would make a great lunch box drink.

Degustabox August Sew White review 6

The brioche and croissants were really nice too. I gave the brioche to my gran to enjoy with her friends at their tea parties. It was very well received and they all loved them with jam.

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