Earl Grey Tea from The English Tea Shop Review

March 21, 2014Sew White

Sew White English Tea Shop Tea review

It’s time for a cup of my most favourite tea – Earl Grey.
I brewed it for 3-4 minutes but I think 2 minutes more would have been a bit better an really enhanced the taste.

I tried the tea without milk and with a little milk to see how it tastes. It tasted much better without the milk. It is a much lighter than regular Earl Grey and with the milk the taste just disappeared.

This isn’t the strongest Earl Grey tea flavour but it was a nice mellow and satisfying taste which was very enjoyable and I could drink a lot of. It would be a great introduction to Earl Grey tea and would go very well with a piece of a Victoria Sponge cake.

This tea has a good after taste which lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. Endless to say I drank it too quickly and was sad it had gone when I reached the bottom of the cup.

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