Fluffy Puff Puffs Marshmallows Review

July 17, 2013Sew White

Sew White fluffy puff puffs 1 

I was so excited to try gourmet marshmallows when I heard they existed! I found out about Fluffy Puff Puffs (www.fluffypuffpuffs.com) from  www.lancashire-food.blogspot.co.uk (gorgeous foodie blog if you haven’t checked it out do!). I followed FPP on facebook and they posted up a photo of pimms marshmallows -PIMMS MARSHMALLOWS! I knew I would be ordering them as soon as I read those two lovely words.

I ordered the pimms, vanilla and key lime pie marshmallows.

First up was the pimms. I’m surprised I got a photo of these before they were eaten!

I would give them pimms 7/10 as the taste could have been a lot stronger and more boozy.
They were very nice though! they looked gorgeous with the red swirl and they were really springy. They were fun to poke! They were cut up into to a nice size and the packaging I found very cute. It’s nice to see the goodies straight away!

Sew White fluffy puff puffs 3

Vanilla I woud give 8/10- This was simple but as a fan of vanilla I loved it. Sweet but a strong vanilla taste and it smelled really good! The crumb base made it more like a desert. The crumb base is like a cheesecake base.

Sew White fluffy puff puffs 4

The absolute best of the flavours was the Key Lime Ginger Pie – as a family we gave this 9.5/ 10! Limey, sweet and gingery. Absolutely lovely. I’d recommend this one so much. 

Sew White fluffy puff puffs 5

All the different flavours!

Sew White fluffy puff puffs 6

The pimms swirly marshmallows!

Sew White fluffy puff puffs 7

The one thing I really loved is the consistency was a nice. It didn’t go too sticky like supermarket ones can do sometimes. They were smooth to eat – slightly silky.

Sew White fluffy puff puffs 2

Check out Fluffy Puff Puffs to try these yummy things www.fluffypuffpuffs.com


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