English Breakfast Tea from the English Tea Shop – Review

March 15, 2014Sew White

Sew White English Tea Shop Tea reviewIt’s time for the English Breakfast Tea from the English Tea Shop

For a lovely start to the day I had the English Breakfast tea from the English Tea Shop.

I brewed the tea for 4-5 mins and added a little milk.
Even before the milk the tea didn’t have a very strong smell like other teas but the taste made up for that.
The English Breakfast tea had a medium taste as I drank it but it got stronger after taste of tea. This was lovely.
Although the flvaour wasn’t very strong as I usually like my tea but the medium light flavour was perfect for starting the day as it was very refreshing. It was springlike and had a clean taste.

I think the words I would use to describe it perfectly are bright and light.


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