Rice Dream Milk Review

June 26, 2015Sew White

There is a new milk substitute in my fridge at the moment and it is the gorgeous collection of rice drinks from Dream. I was sent the collection to try and all four of them had been devoured within 5 days. I think it shows how much I liked it. I’ve now bought more. I really want to try this in pancakes.

sew white rice dream review 1

The flavours available are Original Organic, Original Calcium, Vanilla and a mix of coconut and rice milk. My favourite had to be the original organic and the vanilla. They had such a lovely taste and the consistency is like a slightly runny milk. I really like that it looks like milk. It makes it easy to completely forget that it’s dairy free.

sew white rice dream review 2

It tastes pretty good in tea and with cereals but the best use of the vanilla flavour was using it in fruit smoothies. Oh my it works incredibly well! Keeping it really simple and just blending bananas with the vanilla was delicious. I love vanilla and if you do to you must try this.

The mix of coconut and rice milk was so nice too. I made a mini Pina Colada with it. Yes that worked!

The original flavours are good for a milk replacement and even tastes nice in tea!

If you want to make it a little more special add a little Southern Comfort to the Vanilla flavour for a delicious nightcap. Oh wow.

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