Hemp seed review

March 27, 2015Sew White

The first thing you think of when you hear hemp seeds isn’t super food but yet they are. They are super little seeds packed with essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega-6. Hemp seeds are good for hair, nails and skin and also help to support the immune system, balance hormones and promote a healthy metabolism. Don’t worry these won’t make you high – Carun Hemp Seeds are produced from selected sorts of hemp, which do not contain the psychoactive substance, THC.

The hemp seeds are brilliantly high in protein, vitamins and nutrients.

It is certainly the weirdest thing I’ve been asked to review so far but also one of the most surprising.

Sew White hemp seed review 1

The Carun hemp seeds are £13.99 for 500g but that is a huge container full.

They look and feel like sesame seeds and have a slightly rice / couscous / wheat germ smell.

Sew White hemp seed review 2

I have been trying them in a few different ways including with yoghurt and fruit, on breakfast cereal and in dinners. I have had them in risotto and my favourite Mexican quesadillas. I usually put a sprinkle of sesame seeds in my quesadilla so I thought I’d try replacing it with the hemp seeds.

Sew White hemp seed review 3

A mix of my favourite toppings and hemp seeds ready to be used for dinner. They worked so well and in the heat had softened. They don’t have too stronger taste but there is a nuttiness which you can pick up on if you use it in plainer food but it’s relatively tasteless with all these other flavours. It had a delicious bite like sesame seeds and was satisfying to chew on.

Sew White hemp seed review 5

The finished quesadillas were amazing. I ate far too many as usual!

Sew White hemp seed review 4

As I’ve only been trying hemp seeds for a week I haven’t noticed a huge difference yet but my skin is looking better and my digestion seems happier too. I will keep going and see what happens.

I’m looking forward to sprinkling it on salads this summer!

I was given the hemp seeds to review. All opinions are my own.


  • Stephanie

    March 27, 2015 at 11:02 am

    I’ve never heard of Hemp Seeds before but they sound like a great way to add protein, vitamins and nutrients to your diet x

    1. Sew White

      March 27, 2015 at 11:03 am

      Neither had I but they are a weird and curious little protein and nutrient oddity to enjoy x

  • fashion-mommy

    March 27, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Have to agree they are one of the strangest things I have heard of to review, but well done for using them in so many ways!


    1. Sew White

      March 27, 2015 at 7:09 pm

      They are odd but what is life without trying odd things 🙂 x

  • Danielle Did What

    March 27, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    I add hemp seed to everything… LOVE IT 🙂 xx

    1. Sew White

      March 27, 2015 at 7:08 pm

      Oh exciting. what else can you recommend I add it to?

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