It’s all about dishwashers!

May 30, 2015Sew White

I love cooking and baking but I’m not overly fond of the tidying up and washing up part which has to follow. I love a dishwasher and the joy it brings me in not having to wash up everything by hand is great.

I have been given these Finish items to review.

Since dishwashers are used so much I do think it’s good to invest taking care of it. After I gave mine a clean with the Finish cleaner it worked more efficiently and everything smelled so much better. I don’t like using supermarket own brands as I’ve never found one I thought worked well enough. Many often leave a weird residue which you then have to wash everything again by hand after-I could have done that from the beginning!

Sew White Finish dishwasher products review 3

Dishwasher salt is always something I forget I need so buying a big bag is always a good idea for me. Since using this salt I have noticed less watermarks appearing on glassware.

Sew White Finish dishwasher products review 2

When trying the Finish Powerball Quantum Max tablets I was worried that the apple and lime blast flavour might leave the plates etc with a strong smell. Luckily the smell is a clean one but isn’t strong enough to notice when eating and drinking from the clean items. I did have a problem with the tablets not dissolving properly in the drawer so I was worried the items were not being washed fully. I now use these for long washes and use the powder version for short washes. From trying supermarket own brand to Finish I have noticed that my dishwasher has worked better and produced cleaner plates, glasses and cutlery.

Sew White Finish dishwasher products review 1

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