Laimon Fresh Drink

March 10, 2014Sew White

Laimon Fresh is a new drink to me. I was given a few free sample bottles in Wimbledon’s Centre Court shopping centre and as I like lemon I thought I’d try it and see what it’s like.

Laimon Fresh

The drink is nice and very tasty. It seems to be aiming for a mojito cocktail flavoured soft drink. It certainly does have a citrus and mint flavour but it tastes very sugary to me. I’ve had the same response from my friends who’ve tried it. I think a little sugar would make it much nicer and more of the a lime/lemon punch would be lovely.

It certainly would be lovely in hot weather at a picnic or in the garden.

The drink is very wet – if that makes sense, it would be lovely to have on a hot day.

The name really annoys me. I get that it’s trying to be cool and combining lemon and lime into one word but spelling things wrong isn’t the answer. (My mum is a literacy teacher and I’ve bought up to get annoyed at words like this.)

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