Musical Bingo at The Old Frizzle Wimbledon

August 22, 2013Sew White

I was so excited to go try out Musical Bingo at The Old Frizzle in Wimbledon!

Musical Bingo

Musical Bingo was fabulous. You are given a card with songs on and you need to tick them off when you hear them. It is regular bingo with loud music! Nearly all the songs were popular and well known which helped me a lot as I admit I was worried that my music knowledge would let me down. The songs were all great and it was fun that everyone was singing and dancing along. It was also nice that you got a good chunk of the song to listen to identify it – great if you weren’t sure of the song to get to the chorus and work it out from that with the songs on your card!

Each round has a 4 prizes – 1 lines, 2 lines, 3 lines and full house. Lines can go up and sideways but not diagonally. 

Musical Bingo Frizzle


I also loved the tag lines – Eyes down, ears up!

Luckily as a group we all knew different songs so helped each other out to try and get a few ticked off.

What is nice is if you are shy you don’t need to go up and say you’ve got a line just sit back and enjoy others going up. I’m such a chicken and decided to not go up when I had a line. I’m sure I would next time.

The hosts were fantastic. Very funny, friendly and totally happy to dance about and come and chat to us while the songs were playing. Also loved the outfits! They were having fun and I think it helped to make everyone there more comfortable as they were having a great time too. 

There was a lot of chatter by the hosts and most of the time it was lovely but I don’t think we were the only ones who wanted the next song to start so we could get ticking off titles again. Competitive!

The Frizzle was a nice venue to hold Musical Bingo in too. Nice big room and good food and drink.

I’m already organising a group of friends together for the next time Musical Bingo is back in Wimbledon.

I’d recommend Musical Bingo! It was a great night out with fun music and lots of laughs. A disco with a quiz attached!

I’d also say they would be great for a private party too!

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