My Favourite Chocolates for Chocolate Week

October 17, 2014Sew White

I love chocolates and I’ve done a mini round up of my favourite chocolates I’ve tried for chocolate week.

First up are the salted caramels from Whittard ( The caramel and salt filling is so runny and sticky but really strong. You only need one to enjoy!
The chocolate is dark and rich and these are really luxurious.

whittard chocolate 2

The Lindt truffle collection is a lovely addition especially with a mug of hot chocolate to dip them into. I really liked the dark and white chocolates ones the best. They were the softest and so squidgy. They had a very chocolatey taste and it was nice to try something without loads of extra flavours.

My third choice for my favourite chocolates for chocolate week are the almond and pecan pralines from Whittard.
I love the little cups they are in and the crunchy topping which tickles your tongue.

whittard chocolate 1

I’ve loved chocolate week and luckily chocolate for life and not just for a week so I’m sure there will be more chocolate posts coming soon. x

Check out the collection at Whittard

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