My Personalised Bottlegreen Cocktail

October 5, 2015Sew White

 It’s taken me far too long to get this post written! Life has definitely got in the way of blogging recently. I promise I have been getting some new food projects started and there are some definite amazing recipes coming soon too. Plus it’s official I’ve started working on Christmas recipes. I watched It’s a Wonderful life to help get into the mood. I love CHRISTMAS and Christmas movies are brilliant. Right back to the blog post in hand, or should that be on screen? Anyways as it’s clear from my blog and instagram I love a cocktail.

Sisley personalised Bottlegreen cocktail 1

A month ago I was sent a beautiful gift hamper from Bottlegreen (the amazing cordial company) with a special surprise in it – a cocktail with my name on it! A Sisley Blush cocktail kit was a sparkling surprise to receive and was very enjoyable to make. They had been so lovely and given me everything I’d need to make the cocktail and the recipe card too. It’s a simple cocktail to make and tastes amazing. Plus my friends found  the name very amusing as I blush very easily. I seems very perfect for me.

Sisley personalised Bottlegreen cocktail 2

 I loved making it and as soon as I can get another bottle of sparkling pomegranate and elderflower I will be making it again. The mix of the fresh raspberries with the pomegranate and elderflower tastes brilliant. I’ve tried it with both with vodka and with gin. Gin adds a sharpness which can work well with the raspberries if they are sweet and the vodka is a little subtler and helps bring out the pomegranate taste. It was a lovely way to remember the summer sunshine as we slowly fall in to autumn.

Sisley personalised Bottlegreen cocktail 3

 And as a lovely little extra they sent me a personalised bottle! I love it so much. I haven’t opened it yet though. I’m waiting for a special occasion I think. Bottlegreen elderflower cordial is my absolute favourite. Totally addiction I think.

Sisley personalised Bottlegreen cocktail 4

What would your personalised cocktail have in it?


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