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September 7, 2014Sew White

I love a nibble and these new nib nibs are a nibblers dream.

Nib Nibs review 1 Sew White

These are the sorts of things I tend to buy at Christmas or for parties so something fun but I can see myself buying more of them in future for movie night and general nights in. The pot portion is good too so if you fancy a little snack and accidentally eat the whole pot you haven’t eaten loads. These are lovely and a more grown up snack and nibble to enjoy than crisps and other nibbles. Nib Nibs won a Great Taste award in 2013.

Nib Nibs review 2 Sew White

My favourite of the nib nibs selection had to be the roasted salt and pepper jumbo peanuts. They were so good. A perfect mix of salt pepper and the size was good too. I did go through these very quickly. I might have to be getting more of these!

Nib Nibs review 3 Sew White

The size of the tubs is lovely, it fits very well in my bag and I took one of them to the cinema.
The cheese and spicy chilli straws are wonderful very moreish.

Keep an eye out for nib nibs.

Where do you nibble yours?

We enjoyed nibbling these nib nibs in the sunshine on one of the last warm evenings in August.

Thank you Nib Nibs for sending me Mini Nibs to try.

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