Propercorn Reivew

March 20, 2015Sew White

I recently discovered Propercorn and it is amazing!

Sew White Propercorn review

I am a fan of popcorn and was convinced that salted popcorn was the best it was ever going to be. Then I discovered toffee popcorn and thought it was incredible. But now there is a new super popcorn and it’s called Propercorn!

I picked these up on a whim as I was curious to see if popcorn with Worcester Sauce and Sun-Dried Tomato was a flavour that worked. These are stunning and have a strong tomato taste with, as it says on the pack, a fiery flavour. If you like spice and a snack which is less than 100 calories per pack look no further. These are like exciting fiery tortillas but instead of a hard crisp you get beautiful soft popcorn. Yes I am totally in love with this snack. I need to get myself back to Tesco to get more.

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