Winter Warming Dishes at Pho

November 12, 2017Sew White

I’ve been enjoying exploring the menu at Pho and the boost of fresh ingredients,  delicious flavours and a filling dinner with a great vitamin boost. The weather is changing and sadly the flu season seems to have hit too. The vitamins from the fresh vegetables, the protein from the meat and the hot and spicy soups have been fabulous at keeping my immune system healthy. Plus the spicy soups have been great on the colder days to warm me up body and soul.

I love the hot soups with noodles and a hot and healthy kick, especially the super greens bowl with chicken. The hot broth, chicken and spices fill the body and keep it warm and the hit of vitamins definitely boosts your body to fight the cold.

My favourite of the other dishes are the Bun Noodles. The bowl contains soft noodles in a lemongrass and chilli sauce that you pour over with plenty of fresh herbs. It is a great dish to get your mind and senses working. It smells amazing, looks delicious and colourful, the beansprouts have a super crunch compared to the soft noodles.

Beef brisket pho

A favourite of mine on sunnier days is the shredded chicken salad. Even though it’s cold it’s so great to get such a vitamin boost.

Don’t forget to try the pho-ito! Pho’s delicious Vietnamese twist on the classic mojito cocktail.

An amazing table filled with the most delicious food, ranging from hot soups to cold fresh summer rolls.

With the Pho dishes you get a fabulous plate of greens to add to make your soup 100% the way you want it.

The Cà-ri is a Rich, fragrant Vietnamese curry.

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