Royal VKB Special Spoons Review

March 14, 2014Sew White

Royal VKB Special Spoons Review

I love kitchen gadgets and I was excited to try out the Royal VKB Special Spoons set. They are all so useful!

The way they are made reminds me of Air Fix kits and plastic toys I had when I was little. Childhood and kitchens in one cool gadget. There is a lovely simplicity to them which takes away nothing of their practicality.

Plus they come in 4 really lovely colours.
I chose purple as I thought they would stand out in my kitchen draws so I could find them easily.

Special SpoonsYou can check them out and buy them at

The sets are £9.95 each and are certainly worth the money. They would make a great gift for a foodie friend.

The spoons arrive in a lovely box and gives a good clue on what to use them for.
The jam spoon is brilliant for scooping out nutella, I use it when making waffles. It of course works very well for jam too!
The spicy spoon I use for marmite on toast every day.

Sew White Royal VKB Special Spoons Review 1

To test out the spoons I used them when making pizza.
I used the spreader for the tomato puree and that worked very well!
It was easy to use and is now the official pizza puree spreader for all pizzas in my house.

It is also a lovely tool for dips like salsa and humus so spread on to a piece of fresh crusty bread.

  Sew White Royal VKB Special Spoons Review 3

I have to admit the olive spoon I didn’t think I would like that much but I love it. I am a green olive fan and always end up with the brine/water on the pizza too which isn’t very nice. The little spoon was very good and drained each olive individually- very handy indeed.

Sew White Royal VKB Special Spoons Review 4 Sew White Royal VKB Special Spoons Review 5

The poking fork as I call it was great for pineapple.
(Yes I know a lot of people think pineapple on a pizza is the worst thing ever but I love it!)

Sew White Royal VKB Special Spoons Review 6

This set of spoons are really fabulous and are so useful. I’d really recommend them!
They are nice looking, nice to use and are dishwasher safe.
I love dishwasher safe items it makes me use them more.

*I was sent the spoon set in return for a honest review*

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