Sainsbury’s Hot Lunches

April 1, 2015Sew White

Sainsbury’s have recently launched a range of hot lunch options that are ready to eat in minutes by adding hot water or heating up for a few minutes in the microwave. There are dishes from noodles, rice, grain pots and even pastas they are all made using recipes inspired by popular world cuisines. I love a packed lunch for all the opportunities you can have but sometimes I want easy yet tasty quick lunch especially when I don’t have time to make something in the morning or night before. I was given four of the new lunches to try out. Here is how I got on.

The first lunch I had was this beef pho. I make chicken pho at home with a lot of fresh veg so I was very curious to try this ready to go with hot water one. It was very nice even though the veg was dried. The noodles were really satisfying and there was a lot of them too which was nice. The flavour was strong and had a nice spice and herb taste. The beef pho is only £1 a pot. A very nice soup and noodle lunch for a good price.

Sainsbury's lunches 1

My second lunch was the meatball arrabiata pasta. The sauce was lightly sweeter than I would have liked but it was tasty. There were lots of meatballs and the sauce had a bit of spice and was moreish. My only concern was that there was only 4 pieces of pasta in the whole pack. I’m sure it was just a little mistake in the production but the few mouthfuls I had were good and I would buy it again for lunch. These pots are 2 for £3.

Sainsbury's lunches 2

The Moroccan style grain was a treat and although nice I felt it needed to go with something like meat and cheese. It was feels like it needs something along side. It was very nice and the addition of sultanas and apricot was a welcome surprise. This will be lovely in summer! £1 per pot.

Sainsbury's lunches 3

The chicken and mushroom risotto I thought would be a a very small portion but looks can be deceiving it was a perfect lunch size. The risotto was really delicious and there was a good amount of chicken and mushrooms all the way through. These pots are 2 for £3.

Sainsbury's lunches 4

These new lunches from Sainsbury’s are delicious and worth the money to keep us all going through the afternoon.

I was given these lunches to review. All opinions are my own.

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