Sainsbury’s Spinkles

September 1, 2014Sew White

These new savoury sprinkles from Sainsbury’s are fantastic. I didn’t think I’d be too fond of non sugary sprinkles but I couldn’t be more wrong!
They say how good they are with salads but Ive found them delicious for other meals and snacks too.

Sainsbury's Sprinkles Sew White review

These sprinkles work very well on salads. My favourite has to be the Italian style sprinkles in a salad with mozzarella, rocket, basil and tomatoes it is delicious. The sprinkles really do add a lovely taste and crunch to a salad.

The savoury oat sprinkles I tried in my porridge and they taste lovely as a topping. It made breakfast far more fun. I also added a few dried cranberries too.

The crispy onion sprinkles tasted delightful on a big beef burger with salad and a beef tomato. YUM.

The Italian sprinkles also work brilliantly as a garnish for a pasta. I love it with a simple pesto sauce.

The toasted seed and pine nut pack has been my favourite by far as it’s a wonderful snack pack. I’m trying to not snack on sugar and the pack has a nice taste and texture. I love the pine nuts the best.

The toasted seed and pine nut sprinkles also work incredibly well as pizza toppings.

I love a pizza night and here is my topping station in action. I had a lot more food but it gets grabbed and used very fast!

Sainsbury's Sprinkles Sew White review pizza 1

We tried adding the sprinkles with the other toppings and cooking from the start but we found they tasted a bit better being sprinkled on at the end as you serve. Delicious!

Sainsbury's Sprinkles Sew White review pizza

At only 50p per sprinkle pack it’s a brilliant tasty addition.

Happy Sprinkling!

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