Sleepy Me Tea from The English Tea Shop

February 16, 2014Sew White

I love tea. That’s a fact.
I’ve had a few different bed time teas and I’m always looking for a good sleepy tea. Normal tea makes me sleepy when it’s warm and sweet but with caffeine it isn’t a great mix for bed time.

I came across the Sleepy Me tea from The English Tea Shop while out and about and knew I wanted to try it.


Image from the English Tea Shop website.

The main ingredients of the Sleepy Me tea are chamomile and lavender. They are both very calming and relaxing. The warmth combined with the relaxing taste and the smell of lavender is like being cuddled up in a warm duvet.

It certainly does calm and relax and I would recommend it as a lovely way to wind down before bed.

Check out the full range of teas from The English Tea Shop at

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