Spring is coming, so is hay fever!

February 28, 2014Sew White

I love spring! I love the flowers, the sun popping out more and the way the world seems happier. Unfortunately the gorgeous flowers and green trees bring hay fever.

Hay fever affects so many people and without wonderful antihistamines tablets like Piriton and Clarityn (other brands available of course)  a lot of us would be locked inside and missing the spring and summer.

When hayfever gets me it gets my eyes first and it looks and feels like I’ve been cutting strong onions. A runny nose of course follows. With all the different types of hay fever like trees, pollen, grass, the symptoms can last from spring to autumn. With all the pollen and my poor sore nose looked liked I had been suffering from a very bad cold. If you hay fever like me you’ll understand when I say I get through a lot of tissues! It’s using cheap and scratchy tissues which makes having hay fever so much more obvious because your little nose looks so sad and raw.

I’ve learned that looking after your nose is important when hay fever hits. Keeping it moisturised and using soft tissues is important.

I was talking about hay fever and was asked to take a look at these cotton soft tissues. From experience soft tissues certainly do help with constant nose rubbing to avoid extra soreness.

cotton soft tissuesThese tissues are so soft. I expected a little softer than regular tissues but these are lovely. Almost too nice to use!

They are pretty thick and large – that is nice. It is a quality product for a great price. Averaging less than £2 for a box it’s not much more than a regular box.

With runny eyes as my main symptom of hay fever it is nice to use tissues which won’t scratch and irritate the delicate skin around the eyes.

These tissues are a great aid for hay fever symptoms.

*I was sent the cotton soft tissues in return for a honest review*

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