The Best English Breakfast in Wimbledon

May 2, 2014Sew White

Mica Cafe in Wimbledon

Sew White Mica Cafe wimbledon
There are many wonderful places in Wimbledon to go for a good cooked breakfast and although I love Bill’s Restaurant for a posher breakfast, for a good proper English Breakfast there is no where better than the Mica Cafe.

The cafe is a little family owned company and it’s nice to support a small business, their food being amazing certainly helps in support.

As well as the food being very tasty and the portions large the price is small! Big breakfast for 2 including drinks for about £14! We always give them a great tip as their service is brilliant and friendly.

If you looking for a great fry up I’d recommend a trip to the Mica Cafe!

The Mica Cafe is on the one way section at 35 Hartfield Road. It’s next to the wonderful second hand book store.

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