The best Indian food in Wimbledon

November 12, 2014Sew White

I am very lucky to live in a fabulous area for Indian food. Two brilliant Indian restaurants in Wimbledon have just won awards at the English Curry Awards. I can certainly confirm these two companies do make amazing curry. I would eat at both of these a lot more if I could.

The fabulous takeaway K2 won Takeaway of the Year.


I’ve ordered take away from K2 a few times now and the food is always superior to anything else I’ve ever had from a takeaway. Even if I don’t think I’m very hungry as soon as I smell it I am very hungry and there has never been even a little left over.The sauces are always rich and full of identifiable vegetables (I’ve had veg curries from some places where I couldn’t tell what veg was in it).

My favourite things to order from K2 are chicken madras, vegetable curry and sag aloo. They also make incredibly good poppadoms and naan bread. I am really hungry writing about this food. The dishes are brilliantly priced and it’s easy to sneak an extra side dish on the order.

There is no other Indian takeaway for this family anymore. K2 is wonderful and I would recommend it a lot. I’ve order so many dinners from K2 already and they’ll soon be very regular deliveries come to my house.

Indian foodNot the best photo but trying to stop people eating this food is nearly impossible!


For an evening out the Khanage restaurant on Wimbledon Broadway is a good place to go.

The delicious Khanage won New Restaurant of the Year.


Quality food and worth the little more bit more money per dish. The restaurant is lovely and the staff is brilliant for helping decide. They know their dishes and what compliments them. Khanage is the place I would pick for a posher dinner or out for a treat.

The smell of the dishes was overwhelming. Make sure you go hungry as you will eat everything. Plus they make amazing Naan bread!
The dishes are displayed and brought to the table in beautiful dishes which keep the food warm. There is a lot of detail in the whole restaurant and the food. It all works very well together and is a relaxing place to enjoy good food.

Sadly I didn’t get a photo of the food as the restaurant was a bit dark and it didn’t really look like a photo of anything.

Love curry!

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