What is summer without a tartan picnic blanket?

May 16, 2014Sew White

To celebrate good weather I love a good picnic.

I love large full buffet picnics as well as a glass of wine with strawberries picnic in the afternoon especially during the Wimbledon tennis championships. Picnics celebrate the time of fresh seasonal fruit and veg and the hot spring and summer sun. The gorgeous seasonal strawberries which are the glossiest red I’ve seen in ages are from Sainsbury’s right now. It’s the best time of year as there is so much great seasonal fruit and veg to enjoy particulally in a time for a picnic now this sunny weekend.

Sew White tartan rug buyakilt 1

This summer I have a brand new lovely tartan picnic rug to take out with me. It’s from www.buyakilt.com and is made of gorgeously thick wool. I chose the cream and brown ‘Jacob’ tartan rug from their collection of coloured wool rugs because I thought it would really make the food and drinks stand out. It also looks wonderful against the green grass.

The wool is soft but strong and very thick. Wool picnic blankets I have had in the past were very thin and made of incredible scratchy wool. This was never nice to sit on with bare legs as it was so itchy. I am very surprised at how thick this rug is and how the wool is so soft. It is certainly a quality item to enjoy.

As well as using it as picnic rug this doubles up as a really warm blanket. Especially on these spring evenings where it’s still a bit chilly but you still want to stay outside.

Here is the collection of gorgeous tartan rugs the company www.buyakilt.com produce. If I could get another I would love the Wallace red tartan picnic blanket as it’s a traditional picture postcard picnic blanket. www.buyakilt.com/tartan-rugs

Sew White tartan rug buyakilt 2
Tally cat attempted to join us on the rug a lot! Cheeky cat.

Sew White tartan rug buyakilt 3

  We had a lovely picnic in the sunshine with our new rug.
I can’t wait to use it again this weekend and enjoy the mini heatwave expected.

Sew White tartan rug buyakilt 4
If you are looking for a gorgeous picnic blanket for summer 2014 check out the wonderful wool blankets and rugs by www.buyakilt.com/tartan-rugs

*I was sent the buyakilt tartan blanket in return for a full and honest opinion*

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