Where to eat and drink during the Wimbledon Championships

June 21, 2014Sew White

Where to eat and drink during the Wimbledon Championships.

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Last year Love Wimbledon had a large screen in the piazza to watch the tennis on, and it’s going to back this year! I am very excited about this.

One of the things I love about living in Wimbledon, apart from the tennis, is the huge amount of great places to eat and drink. With this in mind and the tennis only a few days away I thought I would write up my recommendations for the best places to eat in Wimbledon.

Kaldi Coffee

Kaldi Coffee is a wonderful coffee shop and a favourite destination of mine. As well as doing a range of coffee and tea they also do a fabulous milkshake and smoothie. Plus if you want a freshly made sandwich look no further. Their paninis are so tasty and made right in front of you. I like knowing it’s fresh. they also have fresh bagels and wraps too! Plus at this time of year with summer so close they have a fantastic range of ice creams. Kaldi Coffee is right next to the station and a freshly made sandwich and hot drink for two is about £10.

Mica Cafe

If you arrive in Wimbledon wanting a good English Breakfast the place you must go is the Mica Cafe. A wonderful independent cafe which serves really good food, and huge portions, for a great price. Fry ups are available all day. The average price for 2 people having a fry up with cups of tea is about £15. The Mica Cafe is really near the station and the odeon cinema.

Bill’s Restaurant

Bill’s is a treat restaurant as my family calls it. The food is good and the atmosphere lovely the cost for 2 people is more like £25 for a breakfast and £30 for a dinner (more if you get alcohol). Their burgers are wonderful and for breakfast I’d go for their delicious pancakes. I expect during the tennis they will be very busy so you must book ahead. I’d recommend booking ahead at Bill’s at any time as they are always popular.

Sticks n Sushi

Sticks n Sushi is a fantastic place for sushi and other gorgeous things like miso soup. I love miso soup! What is lovely about this restaurant is their mix between sushi and their name sake sticks. I’m not a huge fish fan but their chicken and beef sticks are wonderful. A good size portion and very tasty. Their sushi menu is huge and something for everyone including vegetables and beef for those who don’t fancy the traditional fish sushi. The restaurant is on Wimbledon Hill this is an easy walk from the station or down from the Village.


Aubaine is a wonderful French restaurant in Wimbledon Village. Although their menu isn’t huge (11 dishes in the mains) their food is wonderful. The average price is about £15 a dish. I’d recommend their lamb rump. It’s a beautiful dinner. Aubaine is in the heart of Wimbledon Village and is a cute restaurant with wonderful decorations. It feels like a holiday restaurant, you really forget you’re in London.


Cote is my families favourite restaurant to go to for a special occasion. This amazing French restaurant at the top of Wimbledon Hill in the Village. They have a brilliant set meal deal if you go early in the evening, before 7pm, 2 courses for £9.95 or 3 £11.90. The steak and frites are my favourite with the dark chocolate pot for pudding. Happiness is a meal at Cote. I like that the menu is small but the portions are large and there is something for everyone.

The Terrace

The Terrace is a fun restaurant and Bar featured in the heart of Wimbledon town centre. The Terrance make wonderful cocktails and drinks, it’s worth a visit to get one. Plus on a gorgeous day sitting on the terrace high up over the town is lovely. Their food is good too. Lots of tasty things like fajitas, burgers and big salads. Situated right next to the station and Centre Court Shopping Centre.

The Old Frizzle

The Old Frizzle is a lovely bar and restaurant and will hopefully be showing the tennis on their big screens again this year. Their food is about £14 a portion and their cocktails about £8 each too. They have good grills and I love their burgers and chips! If you like chips get their straw fries they are very thin and fun but also tasty too. If you like large chunky chips they have those too!

There are so many more I could mention but these are a few of my favourite places to go.

Bring on the tennis and bring on the good food!

I made these brilliant cake pop tennis balls last year to have at the final party.

Sew White tennis cake pops 13


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