Whittard Valentine’s Day Love Tea

February 11, 2016Sew White

If you love tea you will love this!
Adorable tea and a beautifully lovely mug to enjoy the love tea in.

Sew White Valentine's Day Love Tea Whittards 1

I love the limited edition tea caddy (£10). It’s adorable. As soon as I’ve finished the tea I’m keeping it for something, possibly pens on my desk at work but maybe jewellery or flowers. Either way I’m definitely keeping it. I suppose I should talk about the tea it is based on the Red Velvet Cake infusion from Whittard and has pink sugar hearts to give it a really ‘lovely’ feel . Cocoa kernels, creamy coconut and sugared hazelnuts create a rich, chocolatey taste, and raspberries add a red berry flavour to the brewed tea. It really does taste like cake.

The love mug is a lot bigger than it looks and can fit a great amount of tea in it. The pattern and gold decoration is so beautiful. I like that it’s girly but not silly pink. The mix of orange and pink tones compliment each other and the sort of Paisley and heart design really adds a more mindfulness approach to drinking tea. Taste the tea, see the cup, smell the sweetness. Enjoy.

Sew White Valentine's Day Love Tea Whittards 2

The tea is so adorably flecked with pink sugar hearts which adds a lovely.

Sew White Valentine's Day Love Tea Whittards 3

Explore the full range at www.whittard.co.uk

Disclaimer I was given these items to review. All opinions are my own.

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