Wimbledon Tennis – Bumper Post!

July 13, 2013Sew White


As local Wimbledon girl the tennis has always been a big deal every summer.
Tennis is a great sport and the matches are so tense!

As the Wimbledon tennis is held up Wimbledon hill in the village, Wimbledon town centre is usually left out a bit.
Not this year however!

Love Wimbledon (www.lovewimbledon.org) had been busy at work and organised a screen with deck chairs in the piazza. The screen idea was lovely and very fun. I spent a few afternoons during the tennis fortnight, when I was meant to be going to get the shopping, sat in the deck chairs watching the live matches with friends and family.

This was Love Wimbledon setting up the screen.

Morrisons supermarket changed their name to show support for Murray!

For the Men’s final we had a family party so we made a lot of cakes, sandwiches and pimms.

For the big cake I made a giant strawberry

I drew around the tin, on to a piece of paper, I was using to make the cake and drew a strawberry shape to be template. Using tooth picks worked very well to hold the template in place while I cut around it.

It looks a bit weird but with a bit more trimming it started to look better. I then covered it buttercream to help stick the sugar paste on. I went for the bright red sugar paste.

I made the stalk of the strawberry and built up the leaves using triangles of green sugar paste.

Yellow pips and the cake was ready!

I’m very proud of this massive strawberry cake!

I’ve been wanting to make cake pops for ages so I got out and used my copy of the fabulous book Super Pops by Tamsin Aston of Definitely Cake www.definitelycake.com

The recipe was written out well and the instructions were great.
A lot of fun but I think I will next make them when it’s not so hot – it might help the chocolate set a bit better

The cake being broken up into a smaller parts to go into the blender to make the cake crumbs. Next step add the chocolate icing to stick all the crumbs together. Once it was combined it went in the fridge.

I measured out each pop to roughly 30g -the recipe said it would make about 25 – it made a lot more!

I used the wilton candy melts in vibrant green as they were close to a tennis ball colour. Adding a few teaspoons of sunflower oil to the candy melts really helped it get to a consistency which was easy to dip the pops in. Without the oil the candy melts would have been far too thick.

Dipped and looking great!

I piped on the white tennis line in white chocolate – it was about 25 degrees and piping was so hard!

Wimbledon tennis ball cake pop!

Very lovely friends brought champagne “for celebration or commiseration”.
Luckily Andy won so it was celebration!

Tennis ball and a glass of champagne – very nice!

When Andy Murray won Morrison changed their name again – I love this!

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