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December 5, 2014Sew White

There is a fabulous new company called wrap.me who make personalised wrapping paper. www.wrap.me

It is so special and really cute. As well as being able to upload photos to use you can also link your social media accounts so you can your instagram photos for example made in to the paper. Here is my instagram feed in wrapping paper! A single sheet costs £4.99 (65cm x 46cm) and for a special occasion it is wonderful. The print quality is lovely too. It would be a lovely touch to a present and the one who gets the present will be blown away to see themselves or their families on the paper. I love the idea of making wrapping paper for a wedding anniversary filled with photos of the couple, a grandparents with their extended family all over it or a little child’s present full of photos of them growing up.

sew white wrap.me review 1

It’s weird seeing my own face on wrapping paper but I really love it. It’s nice to see the photos I chose to share on instagram grouped together in such a nice way. The paper use is really thicker than regular wrapping paper and folds beautifully. I love wrapping presents where the paper folds well to make the presents look their best.

sew white wrap.me review 3

Inside the gorgeous wrapped present was a lovely S decoration which is going straight on my Christmas tree when it’s up soon. I love felt decorations and this is adorable.

sew white wrap.me review 2

This is a lovely product and I would really recommend them for a piece of wrapping which will make a present so much more special.

Thank you Wrap.me for the sample of wrapping paper using my instagram account. I was not paid for this blog post and all opinions are my own.

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