Advent Calendar Day 12 – Spoons

December 12, 2012Sew White

I love spoons!

Sew White spoon moulds

Tempting or what!

Gingerbread spoons dipped in chocolate with sprinkles by the amazing baker Louise Taylor @sugaredeggs  

gingerbread spoons Louise

The lovely Nettie Lewis (@Nettie_Lewis) made spoons with chocolate transfer handles.
Here you can see her cutting the transfers out and putting them in the mould.

nettie lewis

 Look how wonderful the spoons turned out!I love the use of putting in the corresponding chocolate on the spoon.

chocolate spoons Nettie Lewis

 Here are my basic dark chocolate spoons I made with the mould. Really nice mixed into hot chocolate – they do melt quickly though. YUM.

sew white chocolate spoons

Here are my simple gingerbread spoons 🙂 

sew white gingerbread spoons 3

Happy Baking and Merry Christmas

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