Advent Calendar Day 13 – Chocolate Transfers

December 13, 2012Sew White

Advent Calendar Day 13 – It’s chocolate transfer time!

One thing I love is receiving images from my lovely customers showing me what they’ve made. They are always amazing and it’s amazing how creative people can be and it’s really encourage to try thing more. 

The fabulous new blogger Bobbie (who is expecting her first baby – awwww)!


The first post she did on blog was about using the chocolate transfers she bought from Sew White and her results were incredible. I am so glad she wrote about how she made the gorgeous cake toppers as I can share it with you!

Bobbie 2

Aren’t these just gorgeous! I love the shapes she has made.


This is what Bobbie wrote about making them;

To get started –

  • guestimate the amount of transfer required (if you have a certain cookie cutter shape or cake tin, this shouldn’t be to hard
  • place the transfer on to a dish, smaller edges to the dish, the easier it will be to remove when set,  rough side facing up
  • melt a small amount of chocolate required to cover your transfer – remember you can always add a little more!
  • pour the melted chocolate on to the transfer. Tap and shake the tray to try and get the chocolate even and smooth
  • place the chocolate and tray in the fridge.
  • bake/cook / clean whilst the chocolate is setting. If these are to be used as a decoration rather than the finished product I recommend letting the chocolate set first and then setting off as patience is key!
  • for this particular bake I had decided on Banana sponge cupcakes that I chose a red case to try and match the red in the transfer. I made a normal buttercream as the cakes cooled.
  • I then measured the buttercream into two portions and added food colour to best match the colour in the transfers.
  • with the two creams made up i filled a double piping bag and topped cakes as usual.
  • remove the chocolate from the fridge and check it has set
  • i then heated the chocolate in the microwave for just 15 seconds so it was still solid but just softened it enough to get the cookie cutter in without cracking.
  • I then cut various shapes with mini cutters. The ones that lifted free I place on baking paper and those that made the indent but didn’t lift completely I placed on the baking paper and placed all the chocolate back in the fridge.
  • when the chocolate had set again I placed into the buttercream, breaking any remaining edges off the chocolates that hadn’t lifted completely

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If you buy any of our chocolate transfers you will receive a free snowflake chocolate transfer *while stocks last* 

Sew White snowflake choc transfer

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