Advent Calendar Day 15 – Christmas Jam

December 15, 2012Sew White

Advent Calendar Day 15

I put a shout out on twitter for bloggers who have come up with some lovely Christmas recipes and this one for Christmas jam caught my eye. 

This lovely recipe and images are from Kate at

Mulled Pear Jam – it sounds like Christmas!

I think it was Kate saying ‘my house smells like there was an explosion in a Christmas factory.’ which made me want to try more than anything. 

Just a quick note before starting the Jam – although fun to make jam can get very hot so please be careful to not burn yourself.


800 g small pears
450 ml mulled wine
1 orange
15 cloves
1 cinnamon stick
3 cups of jam sugar


1. Peal and core the pears, putting them into some water with lemon juice to stop them turning too brown

2. Pour the mulled wine in to a medium heavy bottom pan and add the strained pears. Add the slices of orange, cloves and cinnamon then bring it to the boil on a high heat then reduce to medium and allow them to boil until the pears have softened.

Doesn’t this photo look amazing!

3. Strain the pears, removing the orange and spices, keep the liquid as you can use it for some other festive recipes. Then return the pears to the pan and mash them to the consistency you like (I like a bit of a bite).

3. Add the sugar and bring to a rolling boil for 15 – 25 minutes until the jam doesn’t run when put on to a cold plate.

4. Now transfer to your sterilised jam to the jars, be careful it will have cooled but it is still very hot. I use a sterilised jug and funnel to make sure I do not spill the jam.

5. Put a small disc of grease proof paper on top of your jam, then screw on the lid.

I love the pear shaped label! A really cute addition. 

6. Decorate your jars if you are giving them as gifts, this year I went paper lid covers instead of fabric (think I do prefer fabric though, just wanted to try these for a change) and a little pear shaped tag so that their are no questions about what it is.

A really big thank you to Kate for letting us share this wonderful recipe.

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