Advent Calendar Day 21 – The Snowman and the Snowdog

December 21, 2012Sew White

Advent Calendar Day 21 – The Snowman and the Snowdog

The Snowman and the Snowdog

Since I saw the advert for The Snowman and the Snowdog I have been so excited. Child at Christmas excited. The original Snowman feature has been on every Christmas in my house without fail and this year I am excited that a new Christmas TV tradition will start.

Plus I can’t be the only person who is really excited about it snowing so I can make a snowdog this year?

I was really lucky enough to have a tweet about the Snowman and the Snowdog marked as a favourite by one of the illustrators involved with the project – Peter Dodd. I had to take the opportunity to ask a few questions. 

What I absolutely love about this mini film and original Snowman and the Bear is that everything you see is hand drawn and coloured. All touched by human hand.” There is something rather magical about that. I hope they hold an expo of artwork. Look out for making-ofs to see what I mean.” Peter Dodd

Even after knowing that it was all hand done  I didn’t get the full extent of how much work that would be. There are “12 drawings per character. eg. 3 characters = 36 drawings. Then all redone in colour. Then all traced around in matte lines.

I can not wait until Christmas Eve and the Snowdog!

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