Advent Calendar Day 7 – Films

December 7, 2012Sew White

 Advent Calendar Day 7

Before I start the post I thought I would put up the Christmas delivery postcard so you can see the final ordering dates from us for guaranteed delivery by Christmas. Remember if you order before 3pm we will your order to you the same day. (except personalised aprons and some of the jewellery pieces)


Christmas movies are a massive part of Christmas time for me and my family. 

I love the old Christmas films the best especially Holiday Inn and not many people have ever heard about it. (Maybe because it’s in black and white and a musical). Holiday Inn is about an ex performer Bing Crosby who buys a Inn and opens it only on the major holidays. The film takes place over one year from Christmas to Christmas. The film features the first ever use of the wonderful Christmas song White Christmas.

I was really happy to find that Holiday Inn is on youtube. If you haven’t seen the film I would really recommend it. Or if you just want the good famous Christmas song go to 25mins;45seconds.

Other great Christmas films include Home Alone, White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Elf, Polar Express and The Holiday.

One of the traditions in my family is to watch the Snowman. I remember being so excited about the snowman when I was little that my mum had to tell me to calm down before it came on. One of the fantastic things about this short animated film is that lack of conversation. Nearly the whole film is without speech but has wonderful music which are now Christmas classics. 

To write this post I thought I would see if it was on Youtube and listen to some of the music to get me into the Christmassy mood but I was lucky to find the whole 26minute film with introduction by David Bowie no less, is on there so here it is for your viewing pleasure.

I was surprised to hear that some of my American friends had never seen it so this link is heading their way.

Random fact – The famous song ‘We’re Walking in the Air’ is the song I sang at school for my first singing exam. I think I was about 10 years old. I love the song and even learnt it on the piano.

Merry Christmas! 

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