Dream Non Dairy Ice Cream Christmas Sprinkle Sundae

December 12, 2014Sew White

There is a fabulous new range of ice cream from the makers of Rice Dream dairy free milk. The ice cream is made ground almonds and is incredibly luxurious. I was worried it wouldn’t taste like ice cream as it doesn’t have cream but wow. I think it tastes so much better than other ice creams on the market. Everyone should switch to this ice cream whether you can or cannot have dairy. Plus it’s also gluten free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The flavours are incredibly strong and moreish. Incredible!

I think it’s obvious I like this ice cream.

To celebrate the new ice cream I made a gorgeous Christmas sprinkle Sundae. I did go a little bit mad with the sprinkles. I blame the inner child completely! Marshmallows go with the ice cream very very well indeed!

Sew White Dream Non Dairy ice cream Christmas sprinkle Sundae 1

In other blog posts I’ve mentioned how I’m trying to cut down the amount of dairy I have and I have already noticed a huge difference to my health. I feel so much better reducing it and now I’m hunting out alternatives to milk for cereal and and drinks. As it’s winter I hadn’t really thought about ice cream for a while but getting to try dairy free ice cream was too good of an opportunity to pass up. After eating what I would describe as a large portion I felt very happy and my body did too. I can forsee myself eating so much more of this ice cream in the future.

The range of ice cream is impressive. The vanilla is so smooth and has a rich vanilla flavour. The mint chocolate chip has to be my favourite. It is so good and the mint tastes fresh and the chocolate is delicious. The salted caramel flavour I was curious about but wow! Unusual and was the first tub finished off first in my house. The praline crunch was interesting and tasted very nice indulgence. I like that the flavours have such an intensity that you don’t need anything with it but sprinkles are very much recommended.

Sew White Dream Non Dairy ice cream Christmas sprinkle Sundae 2

The colour of the ice cream is a rich and warm brown and doesn’t reveal how impressive the taste is.

Sew White Dream Non Dairy ice cream Christmas sprinkle Sundae 3

All I needed for my sprinkle dairy free sundae is one giant sundae spoon! I don’t know why eating ice cream with the sundae spoon makes it feel more fun but it does.

Sew White Dream Non Dairy ice cream Christmas sprinkle Sundae 4
The non dairy ice cream is available at Waitrose and is £4.99 per tub.

I was sent the ice cream to try. All opinions are my own.

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