Making a Christmas Pomander

November 22, 2012Sew White

The smell of oranges and cloves instantly makes me think of Christmas!

I have been making pomanders since I was about 6 with my granny every Christmas.
It’s fairly easy and the smell is beautifully intoxicating. Plus if you have some christmas carols playing in the background you will certainly be in the Christmas spirit.

All you need is a large orange, cloves for the ingredients plus a ribbon to hang it (if you going to hang it).

To pierce the holes in the orange you can use the cloves themselves but you need strong fingers, or you can use a little skewer.

If you planning on hanging them wrap the orange in the ribbon first and then you can see the segments left to cover with cloves. Then its up to you what design to do. If you have a airing cupboard you can leave the pomander hanging in their for a few weeks and it will dry it out and will help it last longer.

I was so excited when I saw these fantastic candle spikes for Christmas decorations and I knew what I would be using them for. Pomander table decorations!

I put the candle spike into the orange and then decorate the orange.

The smell was amazing and I think it looked wonderful. I am having these on our Christmas table for every meal.

Here is what the orange looked like before the cloves.

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