Easter Egg Hunt

March 23, 2015Sew White

Some of my most favourite memories of childhood is the fun involved in hunting for Easter eggs and chocolates at Easter. I loved having the little basket and running around the garden trying to find the chocolates. It always ended up with us finding a few of them weeks later when my dad said at the time they were definitely only 10 eggs hidden but there really were 12 or 14.

Lindt has bought out some fabulous Easter products and some are absolutely brilliant for Easter egg hunts.

This box of Gold Bunny and Friends had about 12 pieces in and as they are so shiny they were a perfect item to hunt for in the garden. Plus as Lindt is tasty chocolate it’s worth hunting for. This pack is £6.49. There is a great mix of bunnies, eggs, lambs and chicks.

Sew White Lindt chocolate easter hunt 1

The giant carrot is something I would have absolutely loved as a child and I definitely still do as an adult. It is exactly what it says – one big carrot! It’s filled with treats and would make a fabulous thing to search for on an Easter hunt. I used a wooden kebab stick to ‘plant’ it in the garden. It looked so cute springing out of the grass. I really want to get a few and plant them around the garden for Easter. The giant carrot is £5.99.

Sew White Lindt chocolate easter hunt 2

 Have you got your chicks in a row? They are only £2.59.

Sew White Lindt chocolate easter hunt 3

Out of these goodies for Easter I have to say that the giant carrot is the best Easter product from Lindt. It is so quirky and so much fun.

Sew White Lindt chocolate easter hunt 4

 Happy Easter x

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