Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014Sew White

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Here is a cute photo of my hugging carrots I grew a few years ago.
I love this photo and thought it would be nice to share for Valentine’s Day.

Sew White hugging carrots

To celebrate Valentine’s Day I have treated myself to the new heart cookie cutter form Marks and Spencer.
I love the way the cutter makes the big heart have the little hearts cut out. 

It’s a good cutter and for £6 it is a bargain since it is so large.
The biscuit it makes are huge! You only need one of these cookies at a time. It’s almost a meal!

They would make great decorations at Christmas if hung up on a piece of gingham string and I would also put a crushed up boiled sweets to make the hearts look like stained glass. (I know its early to be talking about Christmas. I’m just thinking ahead).

Sew White Heart M&S cookie cutter

I kept all the little hearts which were stamped out and baked them. I used them as decorating on an ice cream and strawberries pudding. They worked very well.

Sew White little hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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