Prosecco, Raspberry and Cranberry Cake

Author Sisley White


Loaf Ingredients

  • 60 g dried cranberries
  • 60 g fresh raspberries
  • 4 tbsp Prosecco
  • 180 g unsalted butter
  • 180 g caster sugar
  • 4 medium eggs
  • 4 tbsp Prosecco
  • 200 g plain flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 0.5 teaspoon ground ginger
  • 0.5 teaspoon nutmeg and mixed spice too if you want it extra full of Christmas spice

Decoration Ingredients

  • 300 g icing sugar
  • 3 tbsp Prosecco
  • 50 g raspberries
  • 50 g dried cranberries


  • Preheat the oven to 180ÂșC (160 fan) and grease and line a 2lb loaf tin.
  • Cut up the raspberries and dried cranberries in to large chunks and in a bowl and mix them in with the 4 tablespoons of Prosecco to soak while you make the rest of the cake.
  • Cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy.
  • Add the eggs and Prosecco and mix in well.
  • Drain off the fruit and add the fruit into the mix.
  • Sieve in the flour, baking powder and spices.
  • Mix altogether and put the mix into the loaf tin.
  • Bake for 25-35 minutes until golden brown. Use a cake tester to make sure it's cooked.
  • Allow to cool before decorating.
  • Mix up the icing powder with the Prosecco a little a time to get a smooth, medium thick icing.
  • When the cake is cool put the icing into a piping bag and drizzle it across the cake.
  • Decorate with dried cranberries and raspberries.