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White Rum Elderflower Cocktail

This White Rum Elderflower Cocktail is a super easy tall drink perfect for summer days to enjoy in the sun. It is a great easy drink to make with white rum.
Course Cocktails, Drinks
Cuisine American, British, International
Keyword cocktail, White rum, White Rum Elderflower Cocktail
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 drink
Calories 153kcal
Author Sisley White


  • 1 tall cocktail glass


  • 3 mint leaves
  • ice cubes
  • 50 ml white rum (big splash if you don't have a jigger)
  • 20 ml elderflower cordial (small splash if you don't have a jigger)
  • 12.5 ml fresh lemon juice (about a tablespoon)
  • lemonade
  • mint sprig (for decoration)


  • Smack the mint leaves. This opens up the leaves and releases the oils and the smell which adds a lovely aroma to the drink which will get you thirsty. Drop them in the bottom of a tall glass. (If you don't have mint don't worry, it will still taste great).
  • Add the white rum and elderflower cordial.
  • Stir in the lemon juice.
  • Add the ice cubes.
  • Top up with the lemonade.
  • Decorate with a sprig of mint and enjoy in the sunshine.


Calories: 153kcal