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Easter Egg Cheesecake

easter rice krispie squares

An Easter egg cheesecake is made within the chocolate Easter egg shell  and is jam-packed with your favourite no-bake cheesecake filling.

top tips for making an easter egg cheesecake

Add in more Easter chocolates and candy into the cream cheese layer. Fresh strawberries or berries work too. Decorate with your favourite Easter treats.

The best part of the cheesecake filled Easter eggs is getting to decorate with them all your favourite Easter chocolates.

Easter chocolate treats

I love a cheesecake, they’re light, fresh and perfect for a spring  afternoon; using an Easter egg as a shell for this chocolate  Easter cheesecake was a no brainer.

how to open a hollow egg

Warm up a sharp knife in hot water and gently slide it around the egg  seam to soften the chocolate. 

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Start by crushing the shortbread biscuits in a  food processor, or put it in a plastic sandwich bag and use a rolling  pin to break them up into crumbs.

Divide the crumbs equally between the Easter egg shells and gently push  the biscuit mix so they compact into the bottom. 


easter chocolate treat

In a bowl cream together the cream cheese and caster sugar, add in the vanilla extract. Separately whisk the double cream/ heavy cream until stiff.

Stir the whisked and thick double cream with the cream cheese mixture together until smooth and thick. 

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easter bakes

Remove the Easter egg shells from the fridge and spoon the cream cheese mixture in to the Easter egg shells. 

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easter egg cheesecake

Level off the cream cheese in the Easter egh shells and put back them back into the fridge to set.

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top tips

When the cheesecake is set, melt milk choclate and drizzle it over the Easter cheesecake. You are then ready to decorate it.

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top tips

Decorate the easy Easter egg cheesecakes with your favourite Easter chocolates and candy. The more chocolate the merrier.

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If you want to make these Easter Egg Cheesecakes even more exciting then add Biscoff spreaad to the cream cheese. The rich flavour is gorgeous and definitely one to try.

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mini egg cheesecake

Add loads of sprinkles to make the topping looking even more tempting and fun. Plus even more eggs.

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