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Giant Mini Egg Cookie

giant mini egg cookie

A giant Mini Egg Cookie has to be the go-to dessert this Easter. This  Easter skillet cookie is made in an oven-safe frying pan and produces a  delicious Easter chocolate cookie.

top tips for making a GIANT mini egg cookie

Top tips have to include using room temperature eggs and breaking up the mini eggs. It helps to spread chocolate throughout the finished skillet cookie. 

How to make a Giant Mini Egg Cookie Cream together the butter and light brown soft sugar with a little caster sugar.

Vanilla extract

I have flavoured the main part of this cookie with vanilla. It works very well to create a tasty cookie and compliments the mini eggs really well. 

Easter chocolate treats

After the vanilla, sieve in the flour, abking powder and salt into the cookie mixture. Mix in well.

easter skillet cookie

This delicious cookie mixture will start to come together to make a beautiful dough ready for your mini eggs. 

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Break up most of the mini eggs by gently and carefully hitting a bag with a rolling pin or with a chopping board. Mix them into the dough.

Spoon the dough into the skillet and gently push it flat. Stud the top of the cookie with a few extra mini eggs and it's ready for the oven.

Bake until the giant mini egg cookie is golden brown, set on the side but still a bit squidgy in the middle.

easter bakes

Serve this giant cookie straight away while it's still nice and hot. Top it with your favourite ice cream to make a great Easter dessert. 

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mini egg cookie

On top of the ice cream I added even more Mini Eggs and of course some pastel coloured sprinkles to add some sparkle. 

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easter chocolate treat

This giant mini egg cookie is so tasty and an absolutely delicious Easter dessert which is fun for the whole family to make.


Make it gluten free

The great thing about this cookie recipe is it easy to turn gluten free. Just replace the plain flour with GF plain flour. Mini eggs are now gluten free!

top tips

Enjoy this giant cookie from the oven. There is nothing better than hot slightly molten cookie with cold ice cream on top.

Circled Dot
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Just look at that beautiful cookie. Beautifully golden brown and absolutely calling to be devoured. 

easter skillet cookie

Add loads of sprinkles to make the topping looking even more tempting and fun. Plus even more eggs.

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