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Mini Egg Blondies

mini egg blondies

If you love mini eggs as much as I do you are going to love this mini egg blondies recipe.

Easter Mini Egg blondies are a lovely alternative to Easter nests they can gently cradle your chocolate Easter eggs.

Easter chocolate treats

Blondies are quick to make and by adding your favourite chocolate Easter eggs in, they turn into a brilliant seasonal treat.

mini egg blondies

I made these Mini Egg blondies as an Easter party food but  it’s quickly become a staple of Easter baking.

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Mini eggs in the mix and on top too. More Mini Eggs the better for this Easter bake.

easy chocolate rice krispie tray  bake, marshmallows, mini eggs, rice krispie tray bake, 

Blondies should have a soft centre and a slightly crispy top. This is the perfect squidgy blondie recipe. 

Making Easter blondies

Break up the Mini Eggs as you mix them into the blondie recipe. Save some for the topping.


Stud the top of the blondie batter with even more mini eggs and bake until golden brown. Slice when still warm and enjoy straight away.

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The perfect blondie has a crisp topping and soft squidgy center. 

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Mini egg blondies

Slice up the Easter blondies and enjoy cold as a snack or as an Easter dessert served hot with ice cream.

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To enjoy these all year round you can easily change these into M&M Blondies. M&Ms are a great addition to chocolate Blondies. Smarties also delicious. Try with your favourite chocolates. 

top tips

If you like a gooey center cook for a minute or two less than the cooking time. If you want them more set than add two minutes.

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only 9 ingredients

butter, light brown soft sugar, caster sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, all purpose flour, baking powder, salt, mini eggs

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Edible Easter Presents

Mini Egg blondies are a brilliant Easter bake that makes for a great edible present. Aas they last for up to 5 days you can make them in advance too.

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Try these easter Rice Krispies squares

Add loads of sprinkles to make the topping looking even more tempting and fun. Plus even more eggs.

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